OUR VISION ---------

Our vision is that the Santa Cruz Valley region is where
people enjoy safe bicycling on all roads
and appropriate desert/mountain trails,
and that our successful advocacies help provide
continuous improvements

OUR MISSION --------

The Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee (SCVBAC) developed from the Green Valley Council (GVC) Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee. We expanded our geographical scope in 2006 to the Santa Cruz Valley, roughly the region from the south end of metropolitan Tucson through Sahuarita, Green Valley, and Tubac to Nogales. This change recognized our focus on bicycling and the need to cycle throughout the region without regard to jurisdictional boundaries

We are dedicated to seeing continuous improvements made in bicycling safety and enjoyment, and the promotion of bicycling as healthy recreation and alternative transportation. Therefore we work with the communities and various organizations in the region such as: GVC (we are a subcommittee of the GVCCC Traffic & Arroyos Committee), the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association, the Coalition of Arizona Cyclists, and with government agencies such as: Pima County DOT, Arizona DOT,  the Town of Sahuarita, and Pima Association of Governments.


Ride of Silence - Coming May 16

2018 Ride of Silence Poster

World Wide Poster


Ride of Silence May 17, 2017

Photos from May 17 Ride of Silence

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Green Valley News - May 14, 2017
Quail Creek Crossing - April 2017

KGVY Community Quarterly - Spring 2017




Link to Green Valley -Sahuarita Area Bicycle Map
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Green Valley - Sahuarita in Top Ten


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