Good neighbor

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


At a July, 2007 meeting hosted by La Posada to discuss track safety issues on the Tucson to Nogales spur line, the Union Pacific Railroad announced they would begin a $9.5 million capital improvement on the line in 2008.

At the meeting, the Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee asked UPRR if they could widen the crossing on White House Canyon Road to accommodate the bike lane that is to be constructed from Continental Road to Continental School.

This bike lane is a Safe Routes to School project funded by a Transportation Enhancement Grant that was awarded to Pima County. Larry Collins, UPRR Track Maintenance Manager, agreed to widen the crossing as part of the 2008 capital improvement at no charge to Pima County.

The widening was completed on Monday, Oct 13th. There is now plenty of room to allow the bike lane to safely cross the railroad.

It was estimated that it would cost $250,000 to $500,000 to modify the crossing to accommodate the bike lane. As there was not enough money in the grant to cover that, the UPRR did us a very big favor.

Many thanks to the UPRR for being such a good neighbor.

Jim Jordan, Co-Chairman, SCVBAC