Kudos for Pima County

Sunday, November 4, 2007




The Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee (SCVBAC) recently submitted a letter to District 4 Supervisor Ray Carroll and Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry expressing appreciation to Pima County for the outstanding improvements to bicycling facilities and safety enhancements in our region over the last four years. Numerous managers and staff have worked with the Committee, providing many contributions and open and cooperative assistance.

For those who may not know, the SCVBAC is a grassroots organization in the Green Valley formed to promote bicycling safety and enjoyment. Last year, in recognition of the need for bicycle routes throughout the region without regard to jurisdictional boundaries, we expanded our scope to the Santa Cruz Valley, from south of metro Tucson to Nogales.

Well-intentioned but without resources, we have found an exceptional big brother in Pima County, which has provided the council, support, expertise, and encouragement to make our dreams happen.

The letter celebrates the third anniversary of the completion of the first multi-use lane on Camino del Sol south of Continental Road and identifies the near-term RTA project for a section on Continental Road that will permit continuous travel on bike lanes from Tucson all the way to the south end of Green Valley at Canoa Ranch.

We expressed special recognition to the program manager of the Pima County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, Matt Zoll, thanking him for his leadership, vision, and hard work in the win of two Transportation Enhancement Grants currently under way and his expert advice on all bicycling issues. We thank Pima County for providing great employees and the environment for such a productive government-citizen partnership.
Our experiences in Green Valley in grassroots activism shows what a few people working together can accomplish to solve local problems. The Green Valley Community Coordinating Council (GVCCC) and other organizations have experienced similar success. So get active and involved and work with our local committees and government agencies to improve our community.

Tony Crosby, Scribe
Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee www.scvbac.org