Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocacy Committee

   Bill Adamson    Co-Chair bill@scvbac.org
   Jim Jordan    Co-Chair jim@scvbac.org
   Tony Crosby    Secretary  tony@scvbac.org
   John Pilger    President and Treasurer/Education Director    john@scvbac.org  
Chuck Hill Webmaster webmaster@scvbac.org
Bill Hill SAV Representative and Education billl.h@scvbac.org
  Mary Fisher Bike Ambassador mary@scvbac.org
Tom Hausam Maintenence CEO tom@scvbac.org
Jane Lateer Communications Coordination jane@scvbac.org


Committee Meetings

May 3, 2017    
April 5, 2017    
March 1, 2017    
February 1, 2017 Agenda Minutes
January 4, 2017 no meeting  
December 7, 2016 no meeting  
November 2, 2016 Agenda Minutes
October 5, 2016 no meeting  
September 7 2016 no meeting  
May 4, 2016 Agenda Minutes
April 6, 2016 no meeting  

** - not on first Wednesday of the month

The committee originated with an informal group of Green Valley cyclists that regularly rode together and discussed bicycling and where bike facility improvements were needed. There were many gaps between bike lanes that were previously acceptable with low traffic levels, but drastic increases in population/traffic over the years exposed these gaps as dangerous conditions.  We formed and informal citizens committee in 2004 to convince the Green Valley Community Coordinating Council (GVCCC) and Pima County to make safety improvements. They were very cooperative and have since paved and striped new multi-use lanes on Camino del Sol and Continental Rd.

GVCCC also requested our committee to become the GVCCC Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee and develop a Vision 2020 Plan. As a result our Master Plan for Multi-Use Lanes & Trails was approved, published, and delivered to Pima County and other pertinent jurisdictions in 2005. We continue to update this Master Plan as projects are completed and others identified.

In 2006 with the encouragement of GVCCC we expanded our committee to encompass more of the region in which we ride. We added members from Tubac, Sahuarita, and near Tucson to better represent the region, and also changed our name to the Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee (SCVBAC). We continue to work with GVCCC, Pima County, and all jurisdictions necessary to continue to make improvements in the Santa Cruz Valley.